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Holi Festival


Headed by Prabhakar Rao Jandhyala


The India Centre of Excellence in Information Ethics (ICEIE), University of Hyderabad, India was established in year 2019 in collaboration with International Centre for Information Ethics, Kule Institute, University of Alberta, Canada and University of Pretoria, South Africa. The objective of the centre is to research and propagate on ethical issues of development and use of technologies.


Conferences in collaboration with UNESCO and Other partners: 

  • International conference on "Indigenous Societies, Languages and Cultures of India" 21-22 February 2019.

  • Online International conference on , 26 - 28 August 2020. 

  • Online International conference on  during March 24-25, 2021.

  • Three day online international conference on during September 7-9, 2021.


Documents: Hyderabad Declarations (HD):

  • As a part of above, we have brought out Hyderabad Declarations on Information, on AI & DW and on ETCDI. The HD on AI & DW has attracted global attention and it's now being translated into 25 languages in the world including some of the major Indian languages.



  • As a part of above, we have formed a consortium on "Consortium for Promotion of Under-Resourced Indian Languages (COPUIL)".

  • As a part of the UNESCO conference held in Cape town, South Africa we have formed a Consortium on developing curriculum Information Ethics, Media Ethics etc in collaboration with University of Pretoria, University of Alberta, Canada. We have also set up India Centre for Excellence in Information Ethics".

  • Established International Consortium called " Global AI Network for Social Good (GAIN4SG)" and also co-founder of the Platform named as " Global Network on Artificial Intelligence & International Society (GNAI&IS)", IISR, Morocco.



  • We are developing online courses on digital wellness in collaboration with End Now foundation, Hyderabad.

  • We have for the First Time have launched Digital Wellness website by Honourable Vice President of India.


ICEIE now actively promotes GAIEN4SG consortium, which is a unique one working for AI Ethics and social good with global participation.  Under the consortium, we are planning to carry out international project on Case Studies on AI Ethics and Digital Wellness: Impact and Implementation.



Prabhakar Rao Jandhyala

Chapter Lead

Holi Festival
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