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The International Center for Information Ethics is an academic community dedicated to the advancement of the field of information ethics. ICIE is a platform for an intercultural exchange of ideas and information regarding worldwide teaching and research in the field. It provides an opportunity for community and collaboration between colleagues practicing and teaching in the field. It provides news regarding ongoing activities by various organizations involved in the shared goals of information ethics. ICIE has organized and co-organised symposia since 2001 and publishes a book series in cooperation with W. Fink Verlag, Munich-Paderborn (Germany). ICIE has published the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) quarterly since 2004. Participation and membership in the community is free of charge. The success of the ICIE community is dependant on the efforts and participation of those involved in its formation and continual growth. It is through the sharing of related interests and knowledge with others that ICIE thrives. 

The African Network for Information Ethics (ANIE) was established in partnership between ICIE, UNESCO, the government of South Africa, and a number of universities in 2007 under the Tshwane declaration. ICIE has supported ANIE's research in partnership with them for over ten years.

Supported by ICIE, the African Centre of Excellence for Information Ethics (ACEIE) was established in 2012 at the University of Pretoria in collaboration with the South African Department of Communications, UNESCO and various universities across Africa.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) develops international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. ICIE has collaborated with UNESCO and IFAP through ACEIE and looks forward to a lasting partnership with them supporting the Information For All Program.

Geoffrey Rockwell of the Media and Technology Studies unit at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada has partnered with ICIE in the development of a curriculum for an Information Ethics course to be taught by Professor Geoffrey Rockwell.

Tubingen houses the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW), an interdisciplinary research centre on ethics of science, and the Tübingen Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies, a platform engaged in the exploration of the intellectual challenges of the Global South. 

ICIE Partnerships


The foundations of the International Center for Information Ethics are built on multiple disciplines. The ICIE community-led philosophy advocates a self-governed community whose success is dependant on the collaborative wisdom and ongoing contributions of its membership, sponsors and supporters, both monetarily and otherwise. Sponsors of ICIE must reflect ICIE community values, including the value of responsible stewardship of  knowledge and its dissemination. ICIE actively seeks, and partners with, sponsors that inform, engage and inspire. All ICIE sponsors are considered a valuable part of the ICIE community and share in its vision to advance ethical and responsible engagement with, and access to, information cultures. In return for their support, ICIE sponsors are welcome partners at all ICIE events, being advocated for at conferences, symposiums and through ICIE supported programs. In addition, sponsors of ICIE are actively promoted throughout the ICIE community and website, including related and appropriate pages, landing pages, and forum discussions. To become an ICIE sponsor, please contact the ICIE administration under the subject 'sponsorship'.

ICIE Sponsors


The Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) is a major endowed research institute based at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. KIAS has proposed a funded partnership with ICIE towards advancing research in Information Ethics.


QUIBIQ is a specialist company offering solutions to connect people, systems and processes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland using Microsoft technologies. QUIBIQ is a long time sponsor of ICIE and the International Journal of Information Ethics.

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