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CfP IRIE Volume 33: A decade of Information Ethics in Africa

This year marks a decade of multi-stakeholder engagement that culminated in the birth of the African Center of Excellence in Information Ethics (ACEIE) in South Africa in 2012. This period has witnessed Information Ethics in Africa advocacy and also capacity building activities that have given rise to continental and global networks of practitioners and enthusiasts of Information Ethics in a range of sectors including but not limited to higher education institutions, governments departments, civil society organizations, and private entities. It is also the decade that the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the global community. The result has been a sea change: the continent has witnessed fast and unplanned adoption of virtual learning; loss of livelihoods exacerbated by the burden of decades of persistent unemployment, leading to hate and xenophobic attacks in some countries; increased gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, and heightened cultural intolerance especially through social media. Additionally, the continent has had its fair share of political upheavals, invasive media reportage alongside efforts by public authorities to muzzle media especially in the name of national security in general and cyber security issues in particular.

This special edition of IRIE is dedicated to the African continent’s efforts, its approaches and its experiences of the pursuit of Information Ethics as manifested across different sectors. We invite your abstracts to be submitted by 16 May 2022 to

Authors are encouraged to write on any of the following sub-themes (not exhaustive):

1. Social-economic, political and technological equity and equality

2. Governance and leadership in public and private sectors

3. Fintech and Cyber-security

4. Media and Information Literacy

5. Emerging issues in South-to-North brain drain

6. Education, Training and Scholarly Communication

7. Indigenous knowledge systems and their intersection with needs of the modern State and business

8. Intellectual Property rights in a global village

Important abstract details:

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 16 May 2022

  • Acceptance/rejections of abstract submissions: 13 June 2022

  • Full paper submissions: 1 August 2022

  • Revisions by reviewers: 5 September 2022

  • Revisions by authors: 3 October 2022

  • Copy-editing and formatting: 7 November 2022

  • Publication: December 2022


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