Critical information literacy and 'educommunication'

Marco Schneider, the Chapter Head of the ICIE Latin America & Caribbean Chapter, has published another article. This article is called: "Critical information literacy and educommunication: interdominial proposal in the fight against disinformation".

Although it is published in Portuguese, below follows the English version. The ICIE is proud to host and share Information Ethics-related news, activities and publications in other languages.

Abstract: Hyperinformation, conspiracy theories, algorithms, fake news, fake science, deep fake, post-truth, hate culture, are terms that makeup the informational scenario of today regarding disinformation, as a concept and mediating process of contemporaneity. Facing this conjuncture, several spheres of society are challenged to conduct relations and processes that can counteract this reality. In this mission, schools, universities and other educational centers stand out, which have a preponderant role in the development of a critical sense that guides a public opinion marked by a common commitment to ethics, freedom and rationality, capable of facing up to disinformation. In this sense, although faced with a reality of professional devaluation, low salaries, and a lag in the supply of training, teachers play an important role by acting as mediators between knowledge and people, enabling the strengthening of citizenship. Based on this reality, several areas of knowledge have presented contributions in order to understand this potential to face the disinformation conjuncture in the school and academic environment with the active participation of teachers. Although they seem to discuss this phenomenon from different perspectives, some theoretical fields may have complementary conceptual and epistemological approaches. So, the aim of this study is to discuss the possibilities of using an interdominial construct between Critical Information Competence (CCI) and Educommunication in the educational field; and to propose a sequence of educommunicative activities in teacher education.

Keywords: Disinformation, Critical Information Literacy, Educommunication, Teacher Training.

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