Gravitating towards Growth: A year of review and reflection

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

One would be remiss not to acknowledge the profound impact Covid-19 had on every level of society in 2020. Not only did it have major economic and socio-political implications, but it also had financial, psychological and emotional implications on individuals and families. The landscapes of employment and education have been altered irrevocably, and so has our relationship with Information and Communication Technologies.

The ICIE observed all these changes, challenges and opportunities, and sought to be an active participant in the global dialogue insofar as the information ethical considerations. Herewith a review of the main activities in which the ICIE partook, whether it was in the form of publications, real life or virtual engagements. This reflection also contains a brief overview of some 2021 activities.

ICIE 2020 reflection_Gravitating towards
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