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IRIE Volume 30 Official Release!

The ecology of literacy diversity in the new regimes of information

This is an edition whose diversity, explicit in the linguistic and thematic multiplicity, is in the very title!

Unprecedented practices of web data scraping, data mining, algorithm filtering, lexical and psychometric analysis of information emerge in what can be considered a "new regime of information". In this new ecosystem, the multiple forms of misinformation and disinformation developed in digital networks underscore the importance not only of technical skills, but also of critical capabilities of individuals for evaluation and ethical use of information.

To promote discourses which explore the variety of literacies, opens platforms to engage with the meaning of ‘literacy’. No longer is it delimited to basic information literacy, but it has evolved to include media and information literacy (MIL), digital, gaming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacies amongst others. Hence the very suitable umbrella term of an ecology of literacies for this volume. Read the Volume here:

The ecology of literacy diversity in the new regimes of information, edited by Arthur Coelho Bezerra (IBICT), Gustavo Silva Saldanha (IBICT - UNIRIO) and Miguel Ángel Pérez Álvarez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), brings together research and reflections that arise on the front of new information systems based on theoretical and methodological analyzes and proposals for our current contexts. The dossier is presented here for researchers interested in the contemporary crisis and illuminates the informational epidemic that devastates democracies.

This volume celebrates the diversity of literacy not only in content, but also in form, being a trilingual edition. Composed in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the volume includes articles, interviews, and a book review. We invite you to explore this space with us and the authors.

Escritos IBICT is hosting a Symposium to launch the IRIE Volume 30. This will be held on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, during which the authors of the 16 publications will discuss their contributions.

Herewith the different time zones:

10am to 6pm (GMT-3) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1pm to 7pm (GMT 0), Greenwich Mean Time

3pm to 9pm (GMT +2), Pretoria, South Africa

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