MIL CLICKS Webinar on MIL Parenting

To promote positive MIL Parenting, which is an engaged interaction between parents/caregivers and children, we would encourage the demonstration of being PROUD:

P – Proactive

Parents can use digital platforms to engage and guide their children. But they should also be aware of the inherent challenges. Being pro-active in their approach, planning and practicing, will set the tone and guide children’s expectations.

R – Relaxed

Digital technologies and the media can be daunting. But it offers so many benefits! Adults should not be anxious to learn new skills, nor to engage with it together with children. However, just like one should practice healthy habits in “real life”, such as exercise, breathing slowly and being present, the same should be the case for the MIL landscape.

O – Opportunities

Make use of online and real life opportunities to explore various types of literacies. But also be wary of information and techology overload, especially during this Covid-19 era.

U – Useful

Do all platforms need to be useful? What about play? Perhaps we should think outside the box of “metrics”, “outcomes” and “functionality” and remember to have fun!

D – Digital wellness

How to be well in a digital society? Consider an alignment between online and offline habits and values.


For information view the following poster:

MIL Proud
Download PDF • 1.69MB

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