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Professor Rafael Capurro accepts the 2021 Weizenbam Award

As announced by the INSEIT Weizenbam award committee, the recipient of the 2021 Weizenbam Award is Professor Rafael Capurro. Capurro was the keynote speaker at the 2021 CEPE/IACAP conference held in Hamburg, July 5-9, 2021.

The International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT)/Joseph Weizenbaum Award in Information and Computer Ethics is awarded every two years to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of information and computer ethics through his/her research, service, and vision. The recipient’s work should have broad professional, theoretical or societal impact.

It is officially named the 'INSEIT/ Joseph Weizenbaum Award in Information and Computer Ethics', "in recognition of Joseph Weizenbaum's groundbreaking and highly influential work in computer ethics in the 1970s, which helped to shape the field as we know it today".

Rafael Capurro's recorded keynote for the conference, Joseph Weizenbaum: A Parrhesiastes in the Digital Age, can be accessed at the CEPE/IACAP website here.

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