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Erasmus Von Rotterdam

The life story of Erasmus Von Rotterdam has been handed down in great detail. He was born in Rotterdam on 28.10.1466 (or 1469) as the second child of the illegitimate union of the priest Rotger Gerard and the widowed doctor's daughter Margaretha Von Zevenbergen - domyhomework . The father had previously lived in Italy; it is disputed whether he received priestly ordination before the birth of his sons. Various statements suggest that Erasmus suffered greatly from his illegitimate status.

In his life he repeatedly secured himself against the legal disadvantages of his origin. He later adopted the epithet RoterDamas after his birthplace - same day essay . Together with his brother, who was three years older, he was a pupil at various religious schools in Gouda and Deventer. At the age of 14 he lost his parents. Instead of going to university, he came to Herzogenbusch to the school of the Brothers of the Common Life.

His relatives urged him to enter the Augustinian monastery of Steyn near Gouda, which he did between 1486 and 1488. Here he had access to a library that contained classics as well as church fathers and, hungry for education - , began to study classical antiquity and patristics (the science of the writings and teachings of the church fathers). In 1492 he accepted ordination to the priesthood. Erasmus soon came into conflict with the ossified medieval school philosophy (scholasticism) and gradually became one of its critics.

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