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The Relevance of the Dissertation Topic

One of the main criteria for a well- written dissertation is its relevance. Usually, this term refers to the importance and topicality of the issues raised in the scientific text. If it is a priority for the scientific world or, for example, for practical use, then, accordingly, it is unique.

The main features of relevance

As a rule, the relevance of scientific research is indicated at the very beginning. This is done primarily in order to immediately demonstrate the importance of the issue considered in the dissertation. And also, to show that he really is significant.

It is with the help of the uniqueness of scientific work that the object and subject of scientific work is further determined. Also, on its basis, goals and objectives are formulated. As a rule, when formulating the uniqueness of the topics of a dissertation work, begin with general provisions and end with private ones.

When writing the uniqueness of the topic, you can rely on the following important points:

  • on the significance of the problem posed to the author of the text;

  • on the focus on solving those problems that are still insufficiently studied;

  • on the analysis of those innovations that are currently available within the framework of the study of the dissertation topic or are located in neighboring areas.

As a result of this section, you can summarize what kind of problem is currently unresolved in the area you are studying, as well as identify the contradiction between the theoretical and practical side of the issue under consideration.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to remind once again that the relevance of the topic is an important component of the dissertation work, which, according to its intended purpose, should discover something new in science or clarify those facts that are still poorly understood.

That is why the work should be relevant and timely, reflecting the state of affairs in a certain area at the present time. Indeed, otherwise it may simply not be allowed to be protected, reducing all the efforts expended to zero. And it's still worth remembering.

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