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Professionally and personally, I've lead a pretty interesting life so far - from printing to programming to electronics to military medical, I've worked in many areas. I've deal with data and information for decades.

I'm a big advocate of privacy, as well as creator's rights (not to be confused with Copyright Law), and I tend to focus on those areas, but I read everything I can get my hands on.

I also write; you can follow more technology related writings on, more writing of a philosophical/personal nature on, and wherever I contribute (such as Op/Eds on

I'm a former member of the original team that won the Utne; I left not long after that award because of philosophical reasons.

As an amateur photographer, my photos have been used in textbooks, exhibits, and even once by NASA.

As an innovator, after the South Eastern Tsunami, I was one of three people that worked toward making text messages web friendly - which was cutting edge. Twitter used similar technology a year later when it started up.


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