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The ICIE supports, and is involved in a number of research projects and information ethics-related activities. These may come in the form of: Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, Projects, Lectures, Meetings, Interviews and a variety of formal and informal programmes.

Specialised activities include

Inclusive AI: this has resulted in the AI4IA Conferences held annually on 28 September, in observance of the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI).




The International Center for Information Ethics is a liaison to the SIENNA EU program. SIENNA stands for ‘Stakeholder informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact). SIENNA develops ethical frameworks, recommendations for better regulation and operational tools for the ethical management of human genomics, human enhancement and AI & robotics.

IE & MIL Workshops: These workshops are conducted using Google Classroom to participants from across the globe, and predominantly from Eastern Africa, on ethical issues of information, including media and information literacy skills. The first set of workshops took place in December 2020. The second set will take place in July 2021.


Marble Surface

The ICIE supports and contributes to publications on Information Ethics and related research. In many instances these publications are organised and compiled by other entities with whom the ICIE collaboration. However, the ICIE is honoured to directly coordinate and publish books and articles.

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