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"Teaching and learning in information ethics includes examination of numerous timely topics, including knowledge economy, indigenous knowledge, cybernetic pluralism, post 9-11 surveillance, cognitive capitalism, imposed technologies, public access to government information, information rights, global tightening of information and border controls, and accelerated extinction of languages."                                                                        

                                                                                                                                            - Toni Samek

The International Center for Information Ethics is an academic community dedicated to the advancement of the field of information ethics. ICIE is a platform for an intercultural exchange of ideas and information regarding worldwide teaching and research in the field. It provides an opportunity for community and collaboration between colleagues practicing and teaching in the field. It provides news regarding ongoing activities by various organizations involved in the shared goals of information ethics. ICIE has organized and co-organised symposia since 2001 and publishes a book series in cooperation with W. Fink Verlag, Munich-Paderborn (Germany). ICIE has published the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) quarterly since 2004. Participation and membership in the community is free of charge. The success of the ICIE community is dependent on the efforts and participation of those involved in its formation and continual growth. It is through the sharing of related interests and knowledge with others that ICIE thrives. 




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