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Apr 8

Candidates for young independent researcher team wanted

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Dear friends,


The institute for a global sustainable information society is searching for candidates for a young independent researcher team to be funded by the austrian science fund (


We support a proposal in the field of techno-eco-social transformation of society by employment in case the proposal was granted. postdocs need to have received their phd award between 30 july 2014 and 30 july 2018. female candidates are preferred. 


Looking forward to your response,  


Ao.Univ.Prof.i.R. Dr.phil. Wolfgang Hofkirchner Director, GSIS. The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society Office: Steinbrechergasse 15, 1220 Wien (mailing address) Lab: Gobergasse 1, Top 2, 1130 Wien  +43 664 73302239

hi! just wanted to add my email address, as this is missing: firstname.lastname at


thank you,



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